Alexander Massouras Online Talk- 7pm March 24: Pallant House Gallery: Meet the Printmakers: In Conversation with Alexander Massouras

Join the conversation with Alexander Massouras and discover how he uses found and old imagery to explore time, narrative and the archive.

In this third online talk in Pallant House Gallery's series Meet the Printmakers, our curator, Louise Weller, will be sitting down for a chat via Zoom with Alexander Massouras.

Massouras’s work is influenced by critical and historical narrative and he works in a range of mediums from paintings to etchings.

His prints, The Triumph of Wealth and The Triumph of Poverty, in our current exhibition, Hockney to Himid, are inspired by monumental paintings by Hans Holbein.


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Massouras notes ‘Their contrast has long been complicated by the appearance of both virtues and vices in each. Renaissance triumphs like this were fairly moralising and didactic, but the way they were annotated reminded me of later satirical prints. The major alteration in my triumphs is spatial: Wealth becomes circular, so riches lead to riches, and Poverty (an elephant in the room) suffers the limitations of an enclosed space’.