Repetition/Variation Part 1 Images

Here are some pictures from  recent group show Repetition/Variation Part 1, featuring work by (L-R)-

Amy Gear, James O’Connell, Jill Sylvia, Clair Barber and Molly Blunt (foreground)-

part 1 wide upstairs


Claire Barber-

claire barber full work part 1

barber part 1 detail

Molly Blunt-

blunt part 1

James O’Connell-

james o'connell

Amy Gear & James O’Connell

gear o'connell

Jill Sylvia-

sylvia detail

Jayne Wilton-

jayne wilton

Louise Bourgeois-

bourgeois maze part 1

Alan Franklin-


Robert Moon-

moon part 1

Victoria Burge-

Victoria Burge part 1

Emma McNally and Alexander Massouras-

mcnally massouras

Alexander Massouras and Bridget Riley-

massouras and riley

Part 2 of the show to follow

mcnally massouras riley wide

gear foreground


wide upstairs part 1

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