‘Creative Fury’ on Paul’s Art World

Paul Carey-Kent highlights  current group exhibition ‘Creative Fury’ at 20 Clerkenwell Green until 19 November:


William Kentridge: Sleeper – Black – etching, aquatint and drypoint,1997


“You probably don’t need prompting to see William Kentridge at the Whitechapel, and he has an opera design in town, too. This less publicised show is also well worth seeing for some of the South African’s  most iconic works on paper and Ten Drawings for Projection, a feature-length compilation of short animated films.  Moreover, Kentridge is set in the interesting context of the Hungarian cold war painter György Kovásznai (1934-1983), who took to animating his paintings when faced by the problems of distributing the ‘hard copy’ – to eerily Kentridge-compatible effect. The show also finds room for four other artists with parallel concerns, among whom Marcelle Hanselaar – who seems very cheerful – impressed with four drawings of alternative means of forcing a smile, including painting happy lips on a corrective mask and having a monkey pull back the corners of the mouth.”

Marcelle Hanselaar: DW60-19/7, 2016, pencil, oil on board, 27 x 30 cm


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